A SMX Case Study in Hillsborough County


City of Tampa, in Hillsborough County.


Development and Implementation of an Application for Hillsborough County.

Hillsborough County, at central western coast of Florida.

Hillsborough County, at central western coast of Florida.


As part of their Health & Social Services program, the Hillsborough County Software Development team needed to enable local health care providers the capability to access their web site through secure authentication.  To achieve this, it would be necessary to produce a Java CFX tag which would allow ColdFusion web applications to authenticate users with RSA SecurID tokens through the native ACE/Agent protocol.  The tag would be required to provide normal authentication, support for next token mode, and new PIN mode features.  It was vital for their program to have the tag developed and integrated within 6 weeks, and still meet all critical quality assurance success criteria and be within the County’s budget.


SMX Services & Consulting, Inc. rapidly assembled a project team with all of the essential skills necessary to meet the County’s needs.  Ensuring that the appropriate project management, Java development, and ColdFusion skills were included in the project team was going to be the key to success.


The SMX project team delivered the application with full application testing and acceptance criteria, and essential documentation. The application was seamlessly integrated to the existing environment within budget, and two weeks ahead of schedule!

Hillsborough County

Located midway along the west coast of Florida, Hillsborough County includes the incorporated cities of Tampa, Temple Terrace, and Plant City. The total county population is 1,083,520.  The County Technology Office serves one of the largest counties and business districts in the State of Florida.